Solar Products

Solar Products

Wholesale Cheap & Cool Gadgets From China

Solar Products

The East Is Green! Check out wholesale solar products, including solar power chargers as well as portable solar panels that are easy fold and carry. You`d be surprised how many portable electronics can be powered by the sun. With solar cell technology getting smaller and more efficient every year, our chargers and panels can any device multiple times!
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Decorative Solar Lamp -27% Out Of Stock

Decorative Solar Lamp

Decorative Solar Lamp - IP44 Rating, 600mAh, Candle Effect, Warm Yellow LED, Intelligent Light Contr..

$52.00 $38.00
Solar Fountain Pump 1.4W -19%

Solar Fountain Pump 1.4W

Solar Bird bath Fountain Pump, Outdoor Watering Submersible Pump, Free Standing Water Pumps with 1.4..

$15.50 $12.50