Return & Refund

All our products come with a 12 month warranty.

All goods dispatched from GadgetShope are checked for quality, including checks of the appearance of the goods, the function of the hardware and software, the packaging, and inclusion of applicable accessories and power adapters. 

Fewer than 1% of all GadgetShope shipped products are subject to any warranty or quality issue. In the unlikely event there is a quality defect that causes the device to be unacceptable for sale or unusable during the 12 months after dispatch from our warehouse, we will accept a return.

If you experience any problem with a product bought from GadgetShope, contact us first and we will do our best to advise you. Any returns must be discussed with GadgetShope Customer Support in advance, and authorized so they are sent with the correct paperwork.

If a package is lost by carrier, we will next offer you an equivalent product or will give you full refund.

Under the terms of the warranty, if any product  arrives broken or develops a fault during the warranty period, you are responsible for the costs of returning it to China for repair/compensation.

When we receive the goods back in China will either repair the item and again send back to you for free or send you a brand new equivalent product.

In What Situations Are Returns/Compensation NOT Approved By GadgetShope?

Below are instances where a customer will not be eligible for returns and/or compensation:

- Unapproved returns or returned products not processed through GadgetShope’s RMA procedure;

- Received returned products that are damaged because of inadequate return packaging;

- Products that were originally approved for return through our RMA procedure but have been confirmed by our QC engineers to be not broken and actually well-functioning after testing, shall not be returned to the buyer, unless the buyer pays return shipping;

- Physically damaged or broken products caused by misuse or mishandling, subjects to manufacture technical test result;

- Returns of your unwanted, unsold yet functional products;

- Products bought by mistake.

The customer is solely responsible for choosing the right product, including for example

The "correct" desired memory capacity

The "right " feature or product or compatibility


Garment size

Screen size

Touchscreen type

Digital TV format( DVB-T/ATSC/ISDB-T )

GSM band

NTSC/PAL color region

Software version

We will send you exactly what you order, so please read descriptions carefully before purchasing.

If the consignee of a delivery refuses or fails to accept delivery for any reason, including refusal to comply with customs clearance/costs or simply having an incorrect address, GadgetShope accepts no liability and the customer will not be eligible for compensation.